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“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, stand with him while he is right.”
-Abraham Lincoln

WIRED Athletes exists to give our wounded, ill and injured Warriors the tools and knowledge to pursue these exact values…and by living in this light they will succeed.

Athletes use cycling, triathlon, adventure racing, surf and paddle sports as platforms to build an integrative athlete experience to empower and facilitate growth and self-confidence for all Wounded, Ill and Injured (WII) active-duty and veteran service members.

- Core Athletes: Selected WII veteran elite athletes are supported in their training, race development, equipment and fulfillment of their personal goals.
- Ambassador Athletes: Professional and amateur athletes (both military and civilian) serve as mentors to CORE Athletes sharing their experience and knowledge. Ambassadors support the mission by participating in summits and representing WIRED Athletes at events in their community.
- Team Athletes: Community members (both military and civilian) that will be be integral to the network of WIRED Athletes.

-Individualized training programs to actualize goals facilitated by experts in the sport discipline and the field of health & wellness. -"Whole athlete" model built upon components of physical and mental training, sleep, nutrition and recovery. -Supporting WIRED Athletes by providing gear, travel, resources necessary to accomplish their mission.

- Creating awareness and credible information resources for WIRED Athletes, their families, and the community about TBI (traumatic brain injury). This will be done through a website, blog, team physician oversight, Summits, and collaboration with TBI experts in the field. - Connecting WIRED Athletes with tools for life that will serve as the foundation for them to establish and sustain quality of life through a balance of health and wellness. - Summits provide opportunities for WIRED Athletes to cometogether and train, learn, dialog, and grow. These will be held year-round and throughout the country.

- WIRED Athletes virtual nationwide network provides a resource for our service men and women as they transition into their civilian community and desire to continue participating/competing in multisport, or an individual discipline. They can connect with community members, both civilian and military, so they can maintain lifestyle of health and wellness. - Creating a community that is dedicated to positive outcomes and opportunities for WII that have sustained TBI.